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05/24/2005| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin
Michael Barry (middle) supporting team leader Paolo Savoldelli in this year's Giro. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Michael Barry (middle) supporting team leader Paolo Savoldelli in this year's Giro. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Michael Barry Interview

Discovery Channel rider Michael Barry chats with Roadcycling.com about the Giro and his new book Inside the Postal Bus.

Despite being in the midst of the Giro d?Italia, supporting his team leader Paolo Savoldelli in the hunt for the maglia rosa, Discovery Channel rider Michael Barry has taken the time to chat with Roadcycling.com about the race and his new book, Inside the Postal Bus .

IM:  You?re now into your second week on the Giro, how are things going for you?

MB: Everything is going well. We have been trying to keep Paolo in good position and out of the wind so that he can get to the mountains and time trials as fresh as possible. He had an awesome day today and flew in the mountains to our first stage victory. Personally, I feel good and have been recovering well.

IM:  This is not only your first Giro but also the teams (USPS and Discovery Channel) first Giro.  Does it feel a little strange to be riding a three-week tour so early in the season?   Have you had to prepare differently with this in mind?

MB: I had a great race program going into the Giro but then got injured and sick so I was not able to start the race in great shape as I missed out on many days of competition prior to the race.

IM:  Paolo Savoldelli is the team leader for Discovery, he seems to be riding very strong so far.

MB: Yes, he is riding incredibly well and today, in the Dolomites, he showed he has the form to be on the podium and maybe even win the overall.

IM:  I understand Lance and Johan paid the team a visit the other night to give you some encouragement.

MB: Yes, they made a surprise visit. None of us had any idea they were going to come by the hotel. It was a quick visit but I think it lifted everyone's spirits and increased our motivation.

IM:  Besides the Giro, will you also be riding the Vuelta later in the year?

MB:  I am not sure what my schedule will be exactly but I am pretty sure the Vuelta will be on it.

IM:  You?ve just released a book called ?Inside the Postal Bus?.  Firstly I?d just like to say, what a great read, I really enjoyed it.

MB: Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it.

IM:  I understand that you were approached by the guy?s at Velonews to write the book.  How did you feel when they asked?

MB:  I was interested in writing the book because I had always loved reading the 'behind the scenes' stories of cycling teams and cyclists when I was a kid.  I thought it would be fun to tell a few stories about the team and to give the readers an inside look into the team and riders.

IM:  Was there ever a stage during the writing of the book that you wondered to yourself, ?What have I done??

MB:  Yes, there were a few moments when I questioned my work, and I would imagine most writers often feel the same way. It was very helpful that I


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