The dominos are starting to fall

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09/11/2012| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
Tyler Hamilton's book The Secret Race is out and the dominos are starting to fall Ben Ross Photography

The dominos are starting to fall

The Secret Race is out and it has people talking.

The truth. Everyone has a version of their own. Tyler Hamilton has his version. Lance Armstrong has his. Even Alberto Contador has his own. There’s the old saying about truth – your side, their side, and the truth.

Last week “The Secret Race” by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle hit the bookshelves. To say it caused a stir is an understatement. Within hours people were asking, “Have you read it yet?”

I sat down and plowed through the book. I’m not naïve to how doping is organized in professional cycling, but even I was taken aback by the descriptions of how doping was organized. Hamilton didn’t hold back and named names such as Bjarne Riis who admitted to doping. However, Hamilton goes a step further and says Riis, his former director at CSC, actually introduced him to the infamous Dr. Fuentes. Riis is admittedly denying Hamilton’s claim. And that’s just some of the blow back The Secret Race is causing.

Johnny Weltz, current director of Garmin-Sharp and past assistant director of the U.S. Postal Team, is named as someone who supplied doping products. Weltz denies Hamilton’s claim that he brought George Hincapie doping products when they were all living in the same Girona, Spain apartment building. However, it looks like Jonathan Vaughters took issue with his director’s assertion that he had nothing to do with doping.

“Jeezus… Now it seems I need to have a talk with Johnny Weltz about just letting this crap end and to stop BSing people.. #thedaygetslonger,” is what Vaughters tweeted. That was followed up by, “As long as Johnny decides to be honest, tomorrow, I will support him.”

Speculating it seems that JV is having, or maybe at this point already has had a serious heart to heart conversation with Weltz regarding past doping experiences. I was waiting for either a retraction from Weltz stating his doping past or dismissal from the Slipstream organization. For a moment let’s imagine if Mr. Weltz admits that what was written about him in The Secret Race is true.

According to the Tyler Hamilton book, Weltz hand-delivered doping products to George Hincapie at the Gerona apartment. Hincapie hasn’t said anything one way or another regarding allegations of doping. In the recent past his only statement was that the Armstrong investigation was ongoing and he couldn’t comment.

The day after Armstrong announced he was no longer fighting USADA’s charges I asked Hincapie for a comment. As he stood outside the BMC bus before stage 5 of the USA Pro Challenge he told me that he’d issue a statement soon. I’m not sure what that statement will be: innocent of the accusations or guilty with a story similar to that of Hamilton and Landis. As long as it’s the truth I think George has a great book ready to be written about his experiences as a 17 time Tour de France participant. It’s time for that type of story.

As the dominos continued to fall Vaughters “accidentally” outed three of his current riders. Now the UCI wants to investigate these claims by Vaughters


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