Johan Bruyneel fears hearing prejudiced by USADA

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10/18/2012| 1 comment
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Johan Bruyneel fears his defense has been permanently prejudiced by USADA Fotoreporter Sirotti

Johan Bruyneel fears hearing prejudiced by USADA

Johan Bruyneel intends to fight charges he was a central figure in doping programs within Lance Armstrong's teams provided his defense hasn't been what he refers to as "permanently prejudiced" by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's accusations.

Armstrong's former manager was a key figure in USADA's damning report into massive doping undertaken in American cycling teams he oversaw. While Armstrong chose not to contest the USADA charges, Bruyneel is opting for arbitration.

Bruyneel, who was forced to leave the RadioShack-Nissan team last week, says "I will continue to be involved in legal proceedings relating to USADA's proposed charges as long as I believe that I am still able to receive a fair hearing."

The Belgian is "still stunned" at the charges USADA leveled against him and will provide a "balanced account of events" after his defense is heard.

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Dear Johan,
Finally!!! You will no longer be THE cancer of cycling. You and your lil uniball puppet have been removed from our sport that you tried so hard to ruin. I have never been a LA fan but you make me want to wash that guys shammy rather than see your arrogant, above the law,douche nozzle mug lurking about the start/finish areas.
I could sit here and type 10k words on how glad I am that you are gone and how you have tried to ruin so many otherwise good people. LA is almost as bad but I will credit him with being a large part of why we now have two great races in the Western US.
Go EFF yourself and I hope like hell "permanently prejudiced" is forever painted on your face.
Our sport keeps talking about the "dark times" in the past. When in all reality, this sport has had it's issues since it's beginning. The amount and kind of drugs have changed over the years but the shadow of dope has been following cycling forever. You and the puppet have just taken it through the next 5 levels of slimy. Guys like Levi may be at the end of their careers because they had to testify and I hope to try to help clean up. (I am not real convinced either way if Levi did it to help or save his own skin) Seems that there might be some wrongful termination there but I digress. George retired knowing this was the end but George is doing a lot of good for the sport, and giving back in the right way is the only way to clean oneself. DZ is a different bird for sure, but there has always been a certain look on his face every time I've seen him on the podium and now I think it was guilt. I hope now he can have a real feeling of win.

I cringe to think about how much the USA has spent trying to bust these guys competing in a sport.... in another country..... like a French dope agency going after NFL players but ok... they got you two.
I sure hope you get what you got coming to ya.
I will end my rant now as I am sure anyone reading has gotten bored by now and I know you will never fully feel the weight of what you have done to a great sport but the sport has been radically excised of your culture and for that, it was worth it.