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07/22/2006| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Levi Leipheimer - Today's most combative rider. Photo copyright Ben Ross/Roadcycling.com/<A HREF="http://www.benrossphotography.com" TARGET=_BLANK>www.benrossphotography.com</A>.
Levi Leipheimer - Today's most combative rider. Photo copyright Ben Ross/Roadcycling.com/www.benrossphotography.com.

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2006 Tour de France - Stage 18.

2006 Tour de France - Stage 18

Is there anything to write about after what we saw yesterday? It was the greatest comeback in the Tour! There's a big difference between making up ten minutes early in the Tour de France as opposed to only a couple days left. Even more amazing is the contrast between the two days. He was essentially pronounced dead and came back to life the next day! Talk about your blood doping! We saw an historical event that makes "the look" a meaningless gesture.

Oh no, Freire has quit! What's going on? I can understand wanting to be with your newborn, but only a couple days from the end? He must have a good reason. This leaves no suspense for the green jersey.

Back to the race. An established break has two Americans in it. Hmmm, I?m wondering about future headlines. How about "Americans Win Four Consecutive Tour stages!" Zabriskie and Leipheimer are there. Too bad George isn't making an effort with them. Leipheimer probably has a chance for today. At least he keeps trying and gets an A for effort. Levi does get out front with Isasi but can't hold out. Doesn't Inaki Isasi sound oriental to you? I don't know of any Asian cyclists. The lead escape is replaced by Moreni, Tosatto, and Scholz. No Orientals in that group. Tosatto powers ahead at the end to win the stage.

There wasn't any nail biting going on today. I think many people are still stunned. More than likely, there will be some cuticle chewing tomorrow. I guess I'm off to re-write my headlines for tomorrow?let's see, "Landis Wins the Tour!"

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