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07/7/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2008 Tour de France - Stage 3.

2008 Tour de France - Stage 3

Once again, the start flag waves and someone is serious about racing. William “Frisky” Frischkorn attacks with Samuel Dumoulin, Paolo Longo Borghini and Romain Feillu deciding to join. It’s going to be a long run today for only four racers. They will need more than a 15 minute gap if there’s any hope of a stage victory.  I wonder who wants TV time? 

OMG! The gap max’s out at 14:50. Another 10 seconds and these guys could have made me look good. It’s windy and raining. Wait a minute, its not raining. Wait a minute, it is raining. Wait a minute, it isn’t raining. As they race through the town of Calorguen, Mayor Hinault is passed a note. It reads, “Hello dear, don’t wait up, I’ll be a little late tonight, love, Bernie” 

The peloton is speeding up to end the hopes of the foursome when out jumps a group of thugs in protest. The four leaders get by but the peloton could be a different story. Call out the National Guard! Race Director Prudhomme calmly assures the protestors that indeed Lance is not racing this year and another American won’t win the Tour. With that, the thugs pack their bags and leave while the peloton is unimpeded. What a diplomat Prudhomme is!

With 57km to go, the leaders are holding on to nearly a 6 minute gap. Another 20km goes by and their lead is over 5 minutes. Perhaps the protest was enough of a distraction to the peloton. Wait, now there’s a crash! It separates the peloton by a third. Another distraction...

With 10km to go Feillu, Frisky, Longo Borghini and Dumoulin are leading by 3 minutes.  They race another 5km and only lose 15 seconds to the peloton. The break will survive! The battle for the stage victory is among Feillu, Frisky, and Dumoulin. The win goes to Dumoulin with Frisky making a valiant effort but is half a wheel behind and takes second.

Just when all the excitement dies down, an uninformed thug is on the podium! He is subdued but I wonder where was security? I’ve just been informed the security company is the same one used at the French Drug testing lab. I’m just happy no podium girls were hurt. Sadly, Angel Gomez who crashed hard is out. Soler finishes.

What a day. France wins! Women and children are dancing in the streets! No arrests are made! The only thing I can’t figure out, was I right or wrong in my prediction?

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