A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

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07/4/2005| 0 comments
by Tommy W. Murphy
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.

A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

Tommy Murphy talks to Chris Horner about racing in Europe and the 2005 Tour de France.

Chris Horner facts:

Age: 33
Date of Birth :
October 23, 1971

Height: 1.72 mts

Weight: 65 kg
Resides: Homeless (

Turned Professional : 1996

2005 Team: Saunier Duval - Prodir

Team Website: www.saunierduvalteam.com

Previous Teams:

2004 (Webcor Cycling Team), 2003 (Saturn Cycling Team), 2002 (Prime Alliance Cycling Team), 2001 (Mercury / Viatel), 2000 (Mercury), 1999-97 (La Francaise des Jeux), 1996 (Nutra Fig), 1995 (Individual).



RoadCycling: Hello, this is Tom.


Chris Horner : Hey Tom, it?s Chris.


RC: Hi Chris, I wasn?t expecting you. I was just finishing mowing the lawn here. What time is it over there?


CH: It?s about . Hold on....  ....Sorry about that, Inigo [Cuesta] was just saying goodnight.


RC: Is he your roommate?


CH: Yea, I?ve been staying with him at a hotel here in
before we leave for


RC: So how are you doing?


CH: I?m doing good, thanks.


RC: How does it feel to be back in
Europe racing?


CH: It?s great, but man, it?s tough.


RC: How do you mean?


CH: There are just so many distractions over here compared to the states. It?s just a lot harder here.


RC: What kind of distractions?


CH: No home, no car, no family, no friends, the language barriers?.


RC: No home???


CH: Yea, I?m homeless. I sold my home in
when I moved over here. I had planned on getting a place here in
but everything changed after my wreck at Tirreno - Adriatico in March. After a week of still not being able to walk on my leg I decided to fly back to
to have my leg re-examined. The x-rays taken after Tirreno didn?t show anything, but once I had an MRI done in the states we found a small fracture. With that I found myself back in the states without a home.


RC: What did you do? Did you head back to


CH: I bounced around between family and friends but spent most of my time living in
with the Klasna?s (Trent & Tracy). I pulled my 27 footer (trailer) down there and parked it in front of their house.


RC: (Laughing!) ? I?m picturing a Cousin Eddie moment here.



CH: Yea, his neighbors probably loved us.


RC: That?s classic! So, how are your kids doing? How old are they now?


CH: They?re doing great. They?re seven, five and three now.


RC: Wow, they?re getting big.


CH: Yea, they are. They?re always changing.


RC: How long has it been since you?ve seen them?


CH: About three months now.


RC: That sucks!


CH: Yea, it does. It?s hard being away from them so much.




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