TrainingPeaks Launches Peak Performance Feature

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08/31/2017| 0 comments

TrainingPeaks Launches Peak Performance Feature

New workout analysis feature allows cyclists to identify their peak performances to increase training effects and motivation

However competitive a cyclist you are, the finish line does not have to tell the complete story. The road to reaching your goal is filled with small victories of personal and motivational value and it is important to identify and celebrate these improvements and intermediate successes.

TrainingPeaks - which is powering the Training Tracker feature on - has added a Peak Performances feature, which will analyze training data from your cycling computer to continuously identify and highlight your best performances over time, making you aware of the fitness improvements you obtain from your daily training.

By signing up for the premium version of the TrainingPeaks Training Tracker service it's now easy to see and celebrate your progress over time using the Peak Performances feature. Whenever you hit a peak power, cycling pace, or heart rate, you will be rewarded with a medal in the TrainingPeaks training tracker and app. Use these medals as indications that you are on track towards reaching your goals, to motivate yourself to deliver even stronger performances on the bike, or see how your Peak Performances have changed over time.

Achieving a goal is about consistency and progress over time, laying the foundation and then building upon it with longer, faster and often more intense workouts. While the goal is the ultimate destination, knowing whether or not you are on course to reach that goal is just as important. Peak performances will let you know how are you doing in that pursuit with every workout you upload.

To begin using Peak Performances, simply order a TrainingPeaks subscription here, record a workout and then upload it to your TrainingPeaks account. If the workout contains a peak power, heart rate, or run pace at one of the defined distances it will be denoted by a medal icon on the workout or your home view.

Opening the workout will reveal all the peak performances for that workout along with a number showing its rank compared to other training sessions. A round medal is for a metric from this year while a star denotes an all-time best!

Sign up for your own TrainingPeaks training diary to gain access to Peak Performances and other training data analysis features that will help you reap even greater benefits from your training sessions. Right now we offer a 7-day free trial on the premium version.

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