Trek-Segafredo to Ride Tour de France on New Trek Emonda

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07/1/2017| 0 comments
Alberto Contador puts his new Trek Émonda bike to the test

Trek-Segafredo to Ride Tour de France on New Trek Emonda

Trek has unveiled a further optimized version of its Emonda road bike to aid Alberto Contador in his quest to win the Tour de France again

On the eve of the start of the 2017 Tour de France, Trek Bikes revealed an all-new version of its famous Émonda road bike that shaves 50 grams from the weight of the previous Trek Emonda SLR ultralight model.

Since its release in 2014, Émonda SLR has been one of the leading bikes to offer lightweight performance. To optimize the bike frame even further, Trek went back to the drawing board to develop a new carbon layup that would make the lightest even lighter. With increases in lightness, stiffness, and compliance that build off of its 700 Series OCLV Carbon, the new Trek Émonda family of bikes for 2018 offers performance advantages for the most dedicated racers as well as improved ride quality for everyday riders.

Team Trek-Segafredo leader Alberto Contador lives by the motto, "Querer es poder". This phrase, which Trek has stamped on the top tube of Contador’s Trek Émonda bicycle, means "Where there's a will, there’s a way" and Trek engineers and designers were eager to adopt this mindset in improving Émonda and refining the existing production process. Working with the athletes of Trek-Segafredo during an extensive prototype testing period helped create size-specific ride-tuned performance that achieved the three goals of lower weight, increased stiffness, and better compliance.

Alberto Contador, as well as some other key riders in the nine-man team, will be riding the new Émonda in this year's Tour de France. Contador himself has already had time and opportunity to become acquainted with his new race horse. "Honestly, I am very impressed with this new Émonda. I absolutely loved the one I have been riding since the beginning of the year because of its lightness and responsiveness. Now Trek has come up with an even lighter bike that is also more comfortable without compromizing on stiffness. It is the ultimate climbing bike for me and I am really looking forward to racing it in this Tour de France."

Trek also released the all-new 2018 Trek Émonda Disc, which offers enhanced stopping power and all-weather versatility and allows riders to use their ultra-lightweight bike under a wider range of conditions, though some view disc brake use as risky in peloton groups, because disc brakes may cause more sudden stops than regular side-pull caliper brakes and have increased cutting potential in crash situations.

Disc brake skeptics should take a second look, however, as the flat-mount disc brakes found on Émonda are lighter, smaller, and more elegant than previous road bike disc brakes. With Émonda Disc, the world of gravel and adventure riding is now an option for those who prefer the feel of a classic race bike and prioritize weight and ride quality over all else.

Émonda Disc comes stock with wider 28c tires and provides all-weather braking performance and increased modulation, possibly making it a better choice for riders who still seek a responsive, classic ride feel, yet want the versatility to take on more adventurous riding and ride throughout the year.

The new Émonda SLR frame weighs a mere 640 grams, shaving 50 grams off the previous SLR frame. While traditionalists and dedicated road racers may opt for the rim-brake equipped bikes, Émonda SLR Disc is also lighter than the previous rim-brake SLR, weighing in at just 665 grams.

New models of Émonda SL pair much of the same technology with 500 Series OCLV Carbon frames while an entirely new Women’s model, Émonda SL 5 Women's, has been added to the SL lineup.

The 2018 Trek Émonda SLR is offered in three models—SLR 9, SLR 8, and SLR 6—and as a frameset in both H1 and H2 geometries, while Émonda SLR Disc is available in the SLR 8 Disc and SLR 6 Disc models as well as a frameset. Émonda SL now comes in five models—SL 7, SL 6 Pro, SL 6, SL 5, and SL 5 Women’s—plus a frameset. Émonda SL Disc is available in SL 7 Disc and SL 6 Disc models.

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