Bianchi Introduces Bianchi Oltre RC Aero Bike

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2023 Bianchi Oltre RC road bike

Bianchi Introduces Bianchi Oltre RC Aero Bike

The radically revised 2023 Bianchi Oltre RC road bike features an exquisite design and F1-inspired air deflector wings

Italian bike-maker Bianchi has revealed its 2023 line of bikes. When designing the new Oltre bike series, the Bianchi Reparto Corse staff started completely from scratch, dedicated to inventing a completely new concept - the so-called hyperbike - a bike designed to merge perfectly with the athlete to enable maximum performance and speed. 

The 2023 Bianchi Oltre RC bike features air deflector technology known from Formula One racing, an innovative seagull-shaped aero cockpit, and Bianchi’s first total frame/component platform.

When innovating and designing the Oltre RC, Bianchi’s Reparto Corse R&D department actively aimed to create a bike design that would actively force, dominate and exploit airflow by forming a perfectly matched and optimized bike-athlete and frame-component system. The result of the Oltre design process resulted in the introduction of the Bianchi Air Deflector technology.

According to Bianchi CEO Fabrizio Scalzotto the Bianchi Oltre RC sets a new technological standard in the cycling world. With Oltre we started from scratch to create an unprecedented aero bike. It’s a project developed by our Reparto Corse that marks a turning point for our Bianchi brand. The new Oltre family of bikes represents the first complete frame/component platform designed and manufactured entirely by Bianchi. From the frame to the handlebar system, adding the wheels, hubs, and saddles."

Bianchi’s 2023 line-up of road bikes is spearheaded by the Oltre RC hyperbike and complemented by the Oltre Pro and Oltre models.

"To be able to develop the new Oltre project, Bianchi put the athlete at the center of our innovation and focused on the need to make the rider as fast as possible with the lowest possible use of energy," Bianchi Marketing & Communications Manager Claudio Masnata explained to

The first revolutionary element is the Air Deflectors, a technology inspired by the world of Formula 1 motor racing at the highest level to optimize aerodynamic efficiency in every situation.

Bianchi designed and integrated Air Deflectors into the sides of the head tube, thus actively directing airflow and creating a low-pressure zone at the rear of the tube. The action of the deflectors complements the performance of the new aero cockpit, which generates low-pressure air vortices directed toward the legs of the moving athlete through a centrally located hole. The result is a significant reduction in aerodynamic resistance by the athlete-bike system, as certified by wind tunnel testing. In short, results proved higher speed with less effort.

Compared to the previous Oltre XR4 model, Bianchi’s own wind tunnel tests show the Oltre RC saves 17 watts at a speed of 50 km/h and saves 45 seconds over a distance of 40 kilometers with a power output of 250 watts/h. Under variable wind conditions, the advantage over the best aero bikes on the market increases by thirty percent, ensuring remarkable performance even when affected by sudden variations in wind direction. 

To further optimize the performance of the Oltre RC, Bianchi has developed its own line of exclusive bike components for the bike in association with its Reparto Corse research and development department. 

The components include Reparto Corse RC50 and RC65 tubeless-ready wheels. The wheels were developed adhering to Bianchi’s four chosen guidelines: stiffness, smoothness, weight, and design aesthetics. The new wheels, which feature a 3K carbon finish, are stiff, super-responsive and weigh 1540 grams (per set) while a smooth performance is guaranteed by so-called Super Precision Bearings Technology.

Developed using 3d technology, the RC139 carbon air saddle features a 168-gram pad that allows the rider to maintain an aerodynamic position even over long distances without making ergonomic sacrifices. 

There are three members of the 2023 Bianchi Oltre bike family:

2023 Bianchi Oltre RC
The new top-of-the-range model in Bianchi's aero racing collection, the Oltre RC has been designed for the most extreme athletes looking for maximum speed. The Oltre RC introduces the hyperbike concept. Created for World Tour racing and professionals, the Oltre RC (6.850kg in size 55, +/- 5%) dominates airflow, thus reducing aerodynamic resistance and increasing the speed of the overall bike-athlete system. This is achieved thanks to the unique "Air Deflector" technology that acts in conjunction with the new aero handlebar to deliver unprecedented performance. The Oltre RC is equipped with the new RC50 SPB Tech and RC65 SPBTech tubeless ready wheels (50mm front profile and 65mm rear profile) and features the RC139 Carbon air saddle (with 3D technology). These high-performance components have been designed and produced by Bianchi Reparto Corse. The Oltre RC is available in six sizes and three different colors, all with ultralight paint and exposed carbon: anthracite with Celeste inserts, anthracite with white inserts, and anthracite with iridescent purple inserts. Priced from €13,800 / $13600.

2023 Bianchi Oltre Pro
The Oltre Pro shares the same construction principles as the top-of-the-line RC model and features Air Deflector technology and a new aero handlebar. The frame incorporates the Bianchi CV vibration cancellation system into the carbon fiber, which increases riding comfort for a less extreme rider. Outfitted with Reparto Corse components, the Oltre Pro features the RC139 Carbon saddle and a set of RC50 tubeless ready wheels (50mm profile front and rear). Available in six sizes and three different colors (anthracite with Celeste inserts, anthracite with white inserts, and anthracite with black inserts). The Oltre Pro is available for a suggested retail price of €8,000 / $7900.

2023 Bianchi Oltre
The Oltre represents the gateway to Bianchi's fledgling aero collection. Derived from the superior Pro and RC versions, the Oltre model is designed for a wider range of cyclists who also seek the thrill of speed. The Oltre's full carbon frame and fork provide high performance in terms of stiffness and responsiveness. The Oltre model is equipped with new Velomann components: aero handlebar and stem; V50R wheels (50mm profile front and rear); and Mitora saddle. Available in six sizes, the Oltre is available in three colors (Celeste, white, and dark metallic gray) for a suggested retail price starting from €5,400 / $5350.

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