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07/24/2008| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

2008 Tour de France: Stages 16 & 17 - Updates Coming.

2008 Tour de France: Stages 16 & 17 - Updates Coming

Hi all,

Carole here. I've just got off the phone to Julz and he hasn't had a chance to do his diary yet... Instead he's been rubbing shoulders with Pat Riley tonight... You all remember Pat Riley, don't ya? Ex-coach of the LA Lakers. I remember him from the '90s with his smooth, slicked-back hair and he always used to pace up and down the court chewing gum like a cow chews cud... Yeah, that guy!

Julz was fizzing and no doubt he'll tell you all about it himself. We are both ex-basketballers and spent our adolescent years in awe of the NBA so for Julz to meet Pat Riley was something of monumental value to him.

I asked him what Pat had to say but he said he did most of the talking 'coz Pat was flat-stick asking him questions about the TdF and Julian's past injuries.... He must of heard through the grapevine that Julz is the grand authority on a vast range of injuries and the preferred methods of rehab!

Julz then went on to say that Pat was there with a famous 'old actor-dude'. I asked him who but good ol' Julz is never a great one for pairing up famous faces with their famous names so I had to play 20 questions with him about it 'til finally we figured out it was Michael Douglas! One of his hints was that this 'old actor-dude' was married to a younger good-looking sheila... "Hmmmm..." I said, "That REALLY narrows it down!"

Anyway, Julz said he's absolutely buggered from the last two days of mountain-hopping so hopefully he can find the energy to write a diary tomorrow, rounding up the events of these epic stages.

Carole Dean

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