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07/10/2008| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

2008 Tour de France - Stage 4: Cholet Time Trial.

2008 Tour de France - Stage 4: Cholet Time Trial

This stage wasn't one for me today but for the team, especially for Miller. It was a big day for him and one that he'd been targeting for a long time.

Like the rest of the race so far, it was another odd day. Normally the time trials aren't so early in the race or so short. Today was 30k when normally they are about 50k.

For me it was an ok day with just the objective of getting through it, ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we're finally heading out of Brittany after some days of zig zagging back 'n' forth. Hopefully that'll mean 'adios' to crap weather and 'hola' to better weather. So far it has been well less than average with rain of varying heaviness every day. Hopefully with the finer, warmer weather it'll also begin to feel more like we're at the Tour de France again because for me so far, it hasn't felt like the great event of the years gone by.

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