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07/18/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2008 Tour de France - Stage 13.

2008 Tour de France - Stage 13

Holy jolt of caffeine Batman! No sooner than the start whistle blows and Terpstra from Milram and Brard from Cofidis shoot off the front. Maybe they forgot to use the porta potty before everyone was called to the line and they need to find a bathroom quick! With 20km into the race they haven’t stopped for a potty break yet. Another km goes by and they maximize their gap to 9:55. I’m thinking they had a quadruple espresso for breakfast. I wonder where Chavanel is.

Near the summit of the second climb, the lead duo pass a burned out car. Terpstra and Brard are so fast, they’re causing the spectators car’s to bonk! The pair lead the peloton by about four and a half minutes. Like yesterday, there’s a lot going on but nothing is happening.

The pair splits as Terpstra leaves Brard. With about a minute lead on the peloton, it was a wasted move. At least the TV cameras are on him. He’s finally caught with about 10 km to go. What an effort to lead the stage for all but 10km.

Hey, here comes Chavanel. He’s got it all backwards today. He normally attacks at the start of the stage. Maybe his espresso was watered down. Team Columbia catches the backwards man. There’s no more drama for Chavanel.

My God! There are two halves of a bike flying in the air. Sven Krauss has hit a roadsign in the middle of the road. His bike is broken in two. I thought the French outlawed the guillotine! Sven is up and he’s probably more shocked than hurt. Watch Ebay tonight for a listing; bike for sale, already broken down for shipping.

Once again, the sprinters are in battle. Cavendish is boxed in. No wait, he’s off on the left and his acceleration is unmatched. He wins by bike-lengths. Cavendishlini claims his fourth stage victory and second in a row.

As a parting suggestion to the French highway department, have you thought about putting signs on the side of the road?!?!

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Super Dave (Enjoy my dribbles, hate them? Suggestions? Feedback is welcomed!)

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