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07/9/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

2008 Tour de France - Stage 5.

Talk about your distances, yesterday was the shortest stage and today is the longest of the 2008 Tour de France. The peloton will be spinning for 232 km. For us Yanks, that’s about a bike length over 144 miles. That distance would take me a month. For the racers enjoyment, today’s route is flat. That’s my kinda course!

I really don’t want to keep making predictions as it spoils the readers. So, today, I’m retiring from my prediction position. However, due to popular demand, I will make one last more. Today’s winner will be a sprinter. As an added bonus, I predict it will not be Tom Boonen.

The three musketeers, Jegou, Brard and Vogondy slowly pull away form the peloton. The time gap ceases to grow at 8:15. Just as slowly as it began, the gap comes down. At 10km the difference is 0:35. The three musketeers will soon disappear into the peloton.

Team Columbia has taken charge at 5km. It looks like they mean business! It is thrilling to see the organization. The suspense is lasting forever but Columbia is holding strong. The sprinters are poised.

Vogondy sees the line at the finish and sprints away in desperation from his companions Jegou and Brard. That’s the effort I like to see, go until you have to throw up.

And here comes the winner. Cavendish overpowers Hushovd and wins! Its déjà vu all over again. His last name starts with a C. I continue to amaze myself with my intelligence.

Sad to say Soler is out. He fell from his bike during the neutral rollout this morning and looked like he was ok. He later withdrew early in the stage. I was looking forward to the mountain stages to see him climb and defend his polka dot jersey. I’m disappointed but maybe the Tour organizers are happy that another jersey winner from last year is out. Chumacher is still in yellow.

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