Nubütte Chamois Butter Review

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08/1/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Nubütte Chamois Butter Review

Cyclists have created a product for cyclists.

You’ve heard it before when products are created by those who have a need for them. That is the story behind Nubutte Chamois Butter. Cyclists have created a product for cyclists.

To me, the best thing about it is it being Shea butter based. I have had problems in the past with water and petroleum based creams. The list of ingredients that complete the butter is a who’s who list of medicinal natural ingredients. Some of these are tea tree oil, witch hazel, olive oil, St. John’s wort, and grape seed oil. This may sound unusual, but Nubutte even smells pleasant. The last thing you would likely put on your chamois is something that smells bad. Nubütte is paraben free and has not been tested on animals.

I recently returned to riding after being on crutches. Some tender spots quickly developed after getting back on the saddle prior to testing Nubutte. After nearly two weeks of using Nubutte, my problem areas dissipated. It didn’t break down in hot weather riding either. My application procedure was to apply it to the chamois in my bike shorts at room temperature.

Overall, there are many positive characteristics of Nubütte. Being Shea based leads this list. I fell there was a sincere desire and commitment to create a better product for cyclists. The proof is in its use. It not only heals but has preventive properties. I urge all cyclists to try it yourself. As a bonus to the development of cycling, Nubutte donates 10% of its profits to junior cycling programs.

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