Fi'zi:k Antares K:ium Saddle Review

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07/15/2010| 0 comments
by Tedd Jacobson
Fizik Antares Kium saddle review
Fizik Antares Kium saddle review

Fi'zi:k Antares K:ium Saddle Review

The Antares is the 3rd generation of high performance road saddles produced by Fi'zi:k. reviews the Fizik Antares Kium saddle.

I haven't ridden a Fi'zi:k saddle in a while. I usually stick with the stock saddles that come on new bikes. I was anxious to give the Fizik Antares K:ium a try.

The Antares is the 3rd generation of high performance road saddles produced by Fi'zi:k, which they refer to as the 3 A's, the Aliante in 2001 was the first followed by the Arione in 2004. If you liked the Aliante and Arione you should be happy with the Antares line because it has features of both. The Antares K:ium sports Fi'iz:k's proprietary K:ium rail system, another version of the Antares has a braided carbon rail which is 30 g lighter but is equally as strong. So if you are looking for the same comfort with less weight the Antares Carbon is for you.

The Antares line is also ICS compatible, which means it has an integrated interface for quick attachment and removal of Fi'zi:k's saddle pack and rear light. The cover of the saddle is made of microtex, which is durable, water resistant and will not fade if exposed to prolonged periods of time in the sun. Enough background, lets ride.

My first impression of the Antares was its light weight at only 175 g. I quickly mounted the Antares to my seat post. Thank you Fi'zi:k because I am about as mechanically inclined as an old mule. Other saddles I have used have given me problems and the Antares didn't. Now I was ready to ride.

My first time out I noticed 3 things: it is shorter than other saddles I have used, it has a wider nose and it was wider than the saddles I was using. I really didn't mind the shorter length, but the width took some adjustment on my part. Once I was able to dial in the proper fit the Antares was very comfortable. I could sit and spin for longer periods of time than I can remember with my other saddles. Don't get me wrong, I still had to give the boyz a rest every now and then, but less than normal. I was able to get in some 3 plus hour rides and didn't experience any of the chaffing you usually get with some saddles which was an added bonus. I also liked the consistent fit of the Fi'zi:k Antares, every time I got out of the saddle I was able sit back down into the same position.

I really liked the Fizik Antares K:ium saddle. I quickly adapted to its shape and feel. After getting out of the saddle, I landed in my comfort spot when I sat back down. This is significant because there was no fidgeting. This test has taught me to get a saddle that fits and feels right rather than having to use what comes from the factory. I wouldn't be afraid to use the K:ium on my mountain or cross bike and probably will because it is too comfortable not to. I highly recommend the K:ium to anyone who rides.

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