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07/6/2009| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Mark Cavendish wins stage 3 of Tour de France 2009. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Mark Cavendish wins stage 3 of Tour de France 2009. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Dave's Dogmatic Tour de France Dribbles

2009 Tour de France - Stage 3.

It was bound to happen...the dreaded injury. Jurgen van de Walle was the first victim. No, he didn’t poke his eye out but he did break his collarbone. Maybe he can get a carbon fiber replacement similar to Lance Armstrong’s.

It must be the time change or something but the peloton is moving like a Sunday group ride. They say 30 Celsius is too hot. Let me see, that’s 86° for us normal people. I don’t think that’s much to complain about unless it gets to 38° (you can do the math on that one). I guess it must be the humidity.

The weather certainly hasn’t affected the break of Maxime Bouet, AGR; Ruben Perez Moreno, EUS; Koen De Kort, SKS and Samuel Dumoulin, COF. They are in a hurry to get to the finish before it really gets hot. De Kort is injured! He was stung. Good thing the stinger didn’t poke his eye out. Let’s hope Koen doesn’t swell up. While battling the heat, humidity, and apis mellifera scutellata, the escape group gaps the peloton by thirteen minutes!
(sorry folks but the economy has forced me to double dip and I’m also writing for Bicycling Science Digest, I hope my editor Thomas doesn’t find out).

The heat, humidity, and killer bees have taken their toll. The peloton catches the lead group. In doing so, a mini peloton has formed. The darn time change has me confused again because I’m watching Columbia-HTC doing their team time trial while they lead the mini peloton.

I think the race organizers have lost focus of the real cheaters. Instead of going after dopers, they should investigate time travelers! As I speak, Cavendish teleports across the finish line to win again.

The mini peloton may have created a mini turning point today. Some of the GC contenders failed to teleport and lost time. A couple guys who didn’t were Armstrong and Cancellara. No doubt the French press will be investigating Armstrong for the possible use of teleporting devices. I’m going to start writing my book now.

Stay tuned for today’s or tomorrow’s team time trial.

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