CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer Review

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04/6/2009| 0 comments
by Ron Meisel

CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer Review

The CycleOps JetFluid Pro trainer rocks and rolls!

My current CycleOps Fluid trainer has been my winter riding partner for over six years. It always takes a while to spool up but has never let me down. It is rock steady. There is a noticeable grove where the tire contacts the tension roller from years and miles of use.

Along came a new CycleOps JetFluid Pro trainer with no assembly required. Depress the spring loaded pins and extend the legs. Using the included skewer the JetFluid Pro quickly locks in the wheel by turning the three large pronged knobs. The coarse threads on the skewer shaft allow for speedy turning.

The yellow adjustment handle for the resistance unit flips down and clockwise. The unit then pivots back and forth towards the tire. To set the tension, move the resistance unit so it touches the tire. Rotate the lever counter clockwise and flip it up to lock.

In my experience, it was more trial and error when adjusting the tension.  Sometimes when I locked the lever it would squish the tire. I would adjust and readjust and use a little Kentucky windage to find the right spot. With more use and practice, this was less of a problem.

Cyclops states the trainer has “Road Like Performance. Pure and Simple”. I couldn’t agree more. There was no “spool up” and no tire slippage during the initial pedal strokes.  It eliminates the jerky feeling.  The transition was totally smooth during one legged drills. The sensation was very similar to being on the road. This was also true doing gear changes and applying different degrees of power. The lack of annoying noise emitted by the Jet Fluid Pro is a plus. There’s no need to crank up the volume on the TV. The tire and tension roller does not get hot. Again, this tester completely agrees with Cyclops when they say it has a cooler operating temperature.

While on the bike, I noticeably leaned to the left even though I had leveled the trainer. It appears as though the flex occurred from the locking side of the trainer. I countered the lean using the adjustable leg. Another unusual motion was the bike rocking back and forth. I ensured the skewer clamp knob was tight. I observed a co-tester on the trainer and saw the shaft that tightens against the skewer moving up and down as much as an inch. This allowed for the rocking motion and was an uneasy feeling.

The Jet Fluid Pro is one of the most realist “road feel” trainers I’ve used. I like that it ran cool and quiet. It is simple to use and easy to store. There is a noticeable improvement in the welds and overall finish compared to my old trainer.  If you have a necessity for using an indoor trainer, the Jet Fluid Pro rocks and rolls!

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