Interbike: Gore Bike Wear Develops First High-Performance Bib Tights for Women

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09/24/2009| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Gore Bike Wear Xenon Sonic Lady Bibtights.
Gore Bike Wear Xenon Sonic Lady Bibtights.

Interbike: Gore Bike Wear Develops First High-Performance Bib Tights for Women

The first high-performance bibtights perfectly tailored for female bikers are here: the Gore Bike Wear Xenon Sonic Lady Bibtights.

The women who are part of the Gore Bike Wear product development team have come up with a design to combine the advantages of bibs with the advantages of conventional cycling tights without support. According to Gore Bike Wear representatives, the garment sits perfectly in place and the seat insert is always in the optimum position.

The bibs protect the sensitive kidney area, and now with a patented ultra-convenient zip system for quick off-road stops there is no longer a reason not to wear bib tights.

The Gore Bike Wear Xenon Sonic Lady Bibtights are a more functional garment than any previous lady tights. They provide top performance, as well as simplifying toilet stops. The problem that turned many women away from this kind of cycling gear has been cleverly solved. Zip fasteners placed above the hips can be opened and closed with a single hand movement. And because of the extremely elastic material, once the zips are open the trousers can simply be pulled down. So there’s no need to remove your jersey, vest or jacket.

The specific material mix used in Gore’s Xenon Sonic Lady Road Cycling Bibtights is specifically designed for the anatomy and requirements of female road bikers. The design features a compression effect in the upper thigh to stimulate blood circulation, increasing performance and reducing recovery time at the end of a long day on the bike. And the material on the outside of the upper thigh features a golf-ball effect to cut down wind resistance.

The elastic leg straps and soft, comfortable suspender elements made of skin-friendly mesh material keep the trousers sitting perfectly for the whole trip. A special feature is the fastening point over the breast section of the garment, forming the suspenders into an X configuration across the wearer's sternum. This provides much greater comfort for female bikers than any equivalent products in the past. The fastening can also be opened to make the trousers easier to put on.

The developers paid meticulous attention to the innovative Xenon Sonic Lady seat insert, specifically designed for female cyclists today. Broader sit bones and the sensitive perineum area require special treatment, different from seat designs for men. The solution was the use of an extremely dense perforated foam material for optimum sit bone comfort, also offering maximum breathability and ventilation. In contrast, only a thin cushion layer is provided in the area of the perineum, to protect this sensitive part of the body, with its numerous nerve channels, from any unnecessary pressure. The designers knew that an ideal pressure distribution is the only way to relieve stress and ensure a comfortable sitting posture. The overall cushion structure has been kept as thin as possible to prevent any diaper effect.

The special carbonium material developed by E.I.T. (Elastic Interface Technology) provides stretch in all directions, and therefore optimum freedom of movement in the saddle, balanced heat distribution and less friction. further discussed the Xenon Sonic lady bib with Jessica from GORE Bike Wear.

When inspecting the bibs, we found the attention to detail and development to be evident in many aspects. The leg grippers are silicone blocks around the perimeter of the leg opening. The gaps between the silicone blocks allow air to enter and perspration to exit. The varied fabric panels are designed for warmth in some areas, breathability, and of course stretching ability.

The pictures taken at Interbike show the Xenon with a sports bra. You can see the optional use of the clasp which brings the shoulder straps over the breast bone.

The making of the Xenon lady bib was in testing and development for nearly two years. Jessica emphasized that this long term development and in-depth testing provides confidence to consumers when GORE offers products to customers.

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