Interbike: CamelBak Launches FlowMeter

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09/25/2009| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
CamelBak FlowMeter.
CamelBak FlowMeter.

Interbike: CamelBak Launches FlowMeter

The new Flowmeter takes the guesswork out of reservoir-powered hydration.

The CamelBak Flow Meter answers the most frequently asked question about hands-free, reservoir-powered hydration: "How much water do I have left?"

The Flow Meter is an intelligent personal hydration accessory that can be customized based on individual needs and activity level. It greatly reduces the risk of running out of water and the hassle of taking the pack off to see how much is left.

It also provides peace of mind by allowing the user to know how much water has been consumed as well as ensuring personal hydration goals are met. Additionally, it tells the user how much remains in the reservoir and approximate time until empty status.

“This demonstrates our continued commitment of listening to our customers and acting on their feedback,” Jon Austen, Director of Product Management for CamelBak told at Interbike. “The Flow Meter provides intelligent hydration information for the user, an ideal technical accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and performance athletes.”
It is easy to integrate with any CamelBak reservoir and will be available at retail locations starting this October for around US$30.

Product Details:
- A water gauge that takes the guesswork out of personal hydration by measuring how much water is consumed and how much is left in the reservoir
- It is programmable to monitor fluid consumption so you meet your personal hydration goals
- An integrated water management system calculates estimated time until the reservoir is empty
- The Flow Meter is easy to integrate with any CamelBak reservoir
- MSRP US$30
- Retail Availability: October 15, 2009

CamelBak is also doing its best to highlight its Omega Deluxe Reservoir with Flow Meter at Interbike, which provides two to three hours of intelligent hydration with a quick disconnect and automatic shut-off as well as an Ergo HydroLock valve. It will also be available nationwide in October. The 100 ounce version is US$60 (MSRP) and the 70 ounce version is US$58 (MSRP). A US$2 difference. Whow!

Check out CamelBak at

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