Andy Schleck Fallout

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06/13/2012| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
With Andy Schleck out of the Tour de France 2012, what can RadioShack do to save themselves? Photo Fotoreporter Sirotti.
With Andy Schleck out of the Tour de France 2012, what can RadioShack do to save themselves? Photo Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Andy Schleck Fallout

With Andy Schleck out of the Tour de France 2012, what can RadioShack do to save themselves?

Andy Schleck of Team RadioShack-Nissan, to put it mildly, has not had a good 2012 season to date. Injury, illness and poor form have dogged the Luxemburg rider since his previous team, Leopard-Trek, merged with RadioShack. However, things took a turn for the worse at the Dauphine.

During stage 4's time trial a gust of wind hit Schleck's disc wheel, knocking him to the ground. Two days later he abandoned complaining of pain. Regardless of the setback the younger Schleck was still placed on the long-list for the RadioShack-Nissan 2012 Tour de France squad.

Suspicions about Andy's participation in the Tour de France were increased as a team press release announced an Andy Schleck press conference for today. It was quickly sussed out through various sources, including family members, that he was going to announce that he wouldn't race this year's Tour.

By the time Andy gingerly sat down at the long table in front of him we all knew what the press conference was about. His doctor Charles Delagardelle illustrated Schleck's injury with a plastic pelvis model and told the press that an MRI detected a fracture - specifically in an area of the pelvis that would be directly affected by the pressure of a bike saddle. It was official: Andy Schleck's 2012 Tour de France participation was over.

"I know I'm not going to be in it. I'm 27 and have many years in front of me," Schleck told the journalists. "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."

The time required to heal the fracture was placed at four to six weeks, making a return to the 2012 Vuelta a Espana a somewhat obtainable goal. Spain's national tour starts August 18th, a little over eight weeks away. His rebooted race schedule now includes the World Championships and the Tour of Lombardy.

Andy told the assembled press that the fracture "really hurt." That I have no doubt, further showing how tough professional cyclists are when he remounted and continued riding for two more stages. However, it got to a point that finally he couldn't take the pain any longer.

Team manager Johan Bruyneel wisely had been quiet publicly regarding Andy's injury. Perhaps learning his lesson when he aired his disappointment to the press regarding Andy's brother Frank's abandonment of the Giro d'Italia? That ‘motivation' backfired on Bruyneel and only alienated the manager and one of his star riders. As someone who has reviewed Bruyneel's motivational book, "We Might As Well Win" I missed the chapter of publicly shaming your athlete. I'll go back and review his book again. Perhaps I missed it.

The Bruyneel-led RadioShack-Nissan squad has now been further hamstrung by misfortune. While neither Schleck is on anyone's short list for the overall Tour de France victory in July, it's never a good thing when a marquee rider is missing from the start list. And unfortunately whoever wins the 2012 Tour the question will always be asked, ‘What if Andy Schleck had been there in good health?'

Personally I hate those type of ‘what if' suppositions. Sport, and if I


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