What direction will the winds of change take?

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12/4/2012| 3 comments
by Neil Browne
Jaimie Fuller and Greg LeMond at the Change Cycling Now press conference

What direction will the winds of change take?

Is change in the wind or is it the sweet scent of revenge?

to proceed with caution. It’s important to remember Rome was not built in a day and changing the UCI in a thorough and significant way will be a long haul requiring more than a couple of online petitions. It has been reported that Mr. Fuller has footed the bill of CCN. That will have to come to an end at some point. Where will future funding come from? We also need more than a feel-good choice for a new president of the UCI. Yeah, it would be a huge vote of no confidence to the UCI if LeMond was nominated as president, but other than that what would it bring about?

As mentioned before, Change Cycling Now is beyond a doubt a start. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the organization will stay true to the cause.

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Your comments
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From the very first sentence Neil feels the need to tell us what we are thinking, (i.e. "We all agree"). I don't know that we all agree, but this is something we will determine, not Neil.

Then, Neil says the UCI needs an "overall", Neil you twit, it's an "over hall".

And lastly, for now, a complete over hall to Neil consists of removing 2 people, and one of them is only an honorary position. While it might be a warranted action, it isn't an over hall, the system which allowed these people to control the professional cycling industry still exists. An over hall would consist of developing a separate "autonomous" department in the UCI which reviews, verifies and signs off on any and all investigations, eliminating payoffs.


When you're calling someone a "twit", make sure the correction you're suggesting is, in fact, correct. It is not "over hall", you twit, it's an "overhaul".

Neil, top-notch work, as ever. I'm looking forward to seeing where this CCN movement leads.


Point taken.