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09/14/2004| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

The Week That Was...

Ian comments on the happenings in the world of cycling.

strong leaders, and obviously that makes our employees attractive to other teams. I'll allow myself to be proud of the fact that Sean will now be working for another top team after having been a part of ours."   Yates was previously Director Sportif with the Linda McCartney and iTeam Nova

squads.  The former Motorola pro added, "I have had a great time at Team CSC, and I am happy to have been part of the fantastic team Bjarne Riis has created.  I am also very grateful to Bjarne for taking me on as sports director two years ago. I'm leaving one of the best teams in the World, and I would like to thank the whole team for the time we've spent together. At Team CSC I have learned a lot, which I hope to be able to use for the rest of my career, and I am looking forward to finishing my time at CSC with a great Vuelta."


After unsuccessfully trying to stop the publication of LA Confidential written by David Walsh and Pierre Ballester, Lance Armstrong last week announced that he would be attempting to sue for two million Euros, the publisher Martini?re, the authors, his ex-soigneur Emma O'Reilly and the French magazine L'Express for printing excerpts.  Armstrong's lawyers told AFP, "The pre-publication of excerpts in L'Express, together with the book's publication on the next day, were merely a commercial event destined to make enormous profits to the detriment of Lance Armstrong." The first hearing against the magazine is set for 1st December later this year and against Emma O?Reilly eight days later.


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