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02/16/2004| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

The Week That Was...

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dello Sport said Pantani went to the Le Rose apartments along the sea front in
, on Italys Adriatic coast, a few days ago. After failing to arrive for dinner one evening, the local police were summoned and finally gained access to his hotel room; finding Pantani's partially clothed body on the floor next to his bed.

Reports from the local police confirm that Pantani did not die a violent death however Italian newsagency ANSA has suggested that possible pharmaceutical products were found next to his body although this now appears to be untrue.  

News of this untimely death rapidly spread across the world.   Five times Tour de France champion, Spaniard Miguel Indurain, described Pantani as a ?tragic genius? .  Meanwhile down at the Tour of the Mediterranean news broke just as the Domina Vacanze were celebrating Mario Cipollini's win. The Italian sprinter said that he was ?devastated, it?s a tragedy of enormous proportions for the entire cycling world.?

"I'm destroyed...traumatized" , said Felice Gimondi, winner of the 1965 Giro d Italia. "Marco paid a high price for all this...for years he was in the eye of the hurricane after he was the number one cyclist in the world. And then he was all alone and fragile."

Possibly the greatest natural climber of his generation, Italian professional cyclist Marco Pantani was born in
Cesena, Italy on January 13, 1970 .  Pantani was found dead in
on February 14, 2004 . He leaves behind his parents and some amazing memories for all those fortunate to have witnessed his explosive racing style.

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