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06/21/2005| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

The last month or so has been kind of a blur.

be called positive because below this level, other factors could be influencing the result.

One of USADA?s witnesses, who testified against me, went on record that he didn?t agree with the peer review. Which is astonishing, because on the one hand WADA and the research team have accepted the peer review to green light the test, but on the other, have decided to dismiss it while applying the test. (My alleged mixed populations from the Vuelta were around 1%.)

I don?t want to read a year from now, that WADA is circulating a memo acknowledging there are a number of reasons for mixed red cell populations in healthy adults, and the 5% threshold for the HBT test should now be applied.

What?s more concerning, is the Nandrolone and HBT tests are not isolated issues.

In the current issue of Outside Magazine, Don Catlin, director of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, widely considered the gold standard of the anti-doping community, was interviewed about the shortcomings of the current anti-doping system.

The article touches on a number of issues hampering the development of useful and ?bulletproof? tests, one being ?dime store research budgets?.

German cell biologist Hans Heid is quoted declaring the first EPO test ?error prone? and suggested to WADA; ?the development of a new urinary EPO test should be encouraged and funded.? In addition, ?Heid says WADA authorities told him they knew the test was flawed but were happy to have a test at all.? The article goes on to say; ?Catlin believes the EPO test was introduced prematurely.? And finishes with; ?WADA clearly saw the need for refinements, too; Last year, four years after the test was first used, WADA issued a refined protocol for performing it.?

The Human Growth Hormone test reportedly introduced in 2004 was also discussed. ?After a decade of research, experts don?t even agree on whether or not a validated, usable HGH test exists. WADA says it does. Catlin and other sources say it doesn?t.? Dr. Catlin went on to say; ?there?s a big gap between having a test and having a bulletproof test.?

If I accomplish nothing else with my fight, and my appeal, I hope I?m able to shed light on the fact that the anti doping community needs to be held to the same standard the athletes are. If mistakes are made, they should be acknowledged. If research is incomplete, there should be people and processes in place demanding better for the athletes. If the application of a test varies from the initial supporting research, the test should be halted until the variance is defended through additional research.

I have said all along, that I am on a greater mission than just clearing my name. Someone has to stand up for athletes who compete in non-unionized sports, who don?t have a line of defense in place to require better on their behalf. These are the very athletes who most likely lack the resources and support needed to get to the truth. I can?t tell you how many of them have encouraged me to keep


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