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06/21/2005| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

The last month or so has been kind of a blur.

it is up to me to explain this and that I am guilty until I prove myself innocent with my own resources and my own research. Yet they have refused to share the standard operating procedure for the test that would help me try and duplicate their alleged results and/or explain them.

It?s even been suggested I do complex testing on my family members and myself. This raises the question of how a test that requires an athlete to go to such an extreme ever got approved. What if their parents are deceased? What if they were adopted? Are they guilty simply because they can?t conduct their own research? If I proceed with this research does it set a standard for all athletes who test positive? This is an extraordinary and unrealistic burden to place on an athlete.

USADA has recently gone on record stating that they offered to test me for chimerism. I would like to put that offer in context.

I was told on September 16, 2004 that my tests indicated a mixed blood population. Immediately, I requested three things; a retest, a DNA test and that another sample be drawn and tested independently. All of those requests were refused.

At no time prior to my hearing that started February 27, 2005 , did anyone ever ask me if I knew why my samples could indicate a ?mixed blood population?. Instead my case took on a life of it?s own within 4 days, through a leak to the media on September 20, 2004 . There was a rush to sensationalize my case, even before the B Samples could be tested. At no time did I ever feel as though anyone but me was interested in how I could have allegedly tested positive.

Then, just days before my hearing was set to begin, USADA contacted my lawyer and asked him if I was going to defend myself by stating I?m chimeric. We thought the timing and context of this question was odd, and asked if they were prepared to prove I wasn?t chimeric. USADA replied in writing that they knew there is ?no test to prove chimerism?.

In the five and a half months from when I was told I had allegedly tested positive and my hearing, no one offered to help me get to the bottom of those results. Until USADA offered to test me for something they contended there is no test for. It?s a scenario that makes no sense even today. Yet it gives them the opportunity to say publicly, that they offered to test me for chimerism.

In light of my own experience, I was unsettled by recent news reports featuring a confidential WADA memo about Nandrolone testing. This confidential memo was sent to labs around the world conducting the test. In it, WADA apparently admits, they may have accused innocent athletes of testing positive, when they never did anything wrong.

This is sensitive issue for me, because the single peer review ever written to support the HBT test states that mixed populations under 5% should not


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