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11/25/2004| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

Up to this point I have been losing the PR war.

turned down and also not been allowed to have independent scientists review the findings. In addition, repeated requests to review the raw data and the testing protocol have been thwarted or denied. -- doesn't that sound odd?

To conclude, these are only a few points of the many that I will be bringing up during the examination process of my case, but I wanted people to have these facts to consider.

I know we are living in an age where we unfortunately hear about athletes who cheat and I have to admit that, prior to this, when I saw something on the news regarding doping or some kind of cheating, it seemed very black and white. I have now learned that drug testing is very complicated, and mistakes can be made. I have always admitted when I have made tactical mistakes in races, and I hope that when this case is over, the testers and the agencies involved will admit to their mistakes as well.

I also believe that it is important to keep sports clean and wholly understand that testing is a necessity and will continue to adhere by the rules. This is why it is all the more important that we have a process exposing doping/cheating that works-- we need to have officials who protect the process --which includes reserving judgment until all avenues are explored and validated, and utilizing tests that are absolutely accurate. It is unfair to work through the kinks on new and unproven tests with athletes who have trained a lifetime and whose whole livelihood can be eliminated with an inaccurate test.

In the end, I am not a lawyer, scientist or a publicist so I am learning how to win this particular race fairly in the only way I know, with the truth; what I am is a guy who loves to ride his bike and compete and I have done so for 10 years without ever bending the rules.

Tyler Hamilton


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