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10/12/2004| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

Greetings from the Rockies.

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Greetings from the
Rockies. It?s good to be Stateside again. My wife and I traveled home in early October to officially begin the ?off-season?. Although so far, instead of this being a restful time, it?s been a little more hectic than normal. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /?>

As many of you know, there have been a few curve balls thrown my way over the last month. This has been a challenging time, but not entirely defeating. I have been very fortunate to have so much support behind me during all of this. It is true what they say about finding out who your friends are when the going gets tough. I will always be eternally grateful to my family and close friends, my team and my sponsors for the way they have all stood united behind me. That all of us, as one collective group, have been supported by so many others, the thousands of you who have written, emailed or contacted us to show your support, means more than you will ever know.

Most remarkable is that you've reached out and shared your strength and support while having only heard one side of this argument. Thank you for understanding that this is a long process, and that I will not be able to speak freely about this situation until the appropriate time. But rest assured that once I am able, I will. For now, we are keeping our heads down and moving forward through a process that will take some time to complete.

My current situation has a broad reaching effect beyond my life, reputation and career. There are many people, companies and organizations that are integral to who I am and what I do. All of whom have supported me steadfastly since this started, and in return, I have tried to show them the same respect and support.

With everything that I have had going on lately, it may seem strange to some that I've opted to continue on with my schedule as planned. But I have felt strongly about seeing my commitments through to the best of my ability. My only regret was not being able to finish the Vuelta in September.

To clear up any confusion about that decision, I will tell you this. I was notified of my A Sample test result at the Vuelta on September 16th. I immediately decided to stop the race for two reasons. First, I wasn't in any condition to continue on mentally after that. The words ?stay calm? kept coming out of my mouth, but my brain felt like it had been scrambled and I was in shock. Neither of which is ideal while racing at a grand tour.

Second, I have competed against guys in the past who were waiting out B Sample analyses. These instances are always meant to be kept secret, but somehow they always become public. When teams are forced to race against a rider who may or may not be able to continue the race after a certain point, it throws an odd dynamic into the


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