Tom Southam Interview

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06/3/2004| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

Tom Southam Interview

Interview with a young British rider in a small Italian pro team.

to be able to go right in and race at this standard. But having said that they know I'm young and as long as I ride to the best of my capabilities they're always cool.


IM:  How are you settling into life with an Italian team?  Is Jamie Burrows helping you to settle in?

TS:  Yeah, I live in the same small town as Jamie, Sansepolcro, and he's been here a long time, so is practically a naturalized Italian. When I first turned up I couldn't say a word in Italian, so all my dealings and contact with the team went through Jamie. He's also done a couple of seasons in the team already so knows how it all works. I think I've settled in pretty easily, we have some really great guys in the team so it's all pretty comfortable.


IM:  Briefly tell us about the equipment you?re using this season.  Are you one for the latest trick bits or is a bike a bike?

TS:  We're on Campagnolo equipped Sab bikes. Sab is a small Italian firm based down in San Marino. It's all pretty standard Italian fair, Deda tubing, carbon forks and rear end. So far I've got two road frames and a TT bike; a third road bike is being built for later in the year. But to be honest with me a bike is a bike and I can't tell one from another, as long as it looks cool.


IM:  The team has signed ex-Kelme rider Jesus Manzano this year.  He?s obviously been in the press a lot this year.  Has this had any effect on the team?  How has his signing been taken by the riders within the team?

TS:  I've not got a line on this one really. I don?t have the Internet in my house so I've only had second hand information on the whole saga. We (the riders) were all very surprised when he signed, although he's only made one appearance for the team at the team presentation. He's sidelined from riding with a serious knee injury; I certainly don't think he'll ever race again.


IM:  When you?re racing, who are the riders you automatically go out to hunt down in search for a bit of a catch-up chat?

TS:  Normally I'll go and find Charly Wegelius (Colpack), he's great value, and has taught me a lot. The Aussies, Mcpartland, Davies, Trent Wilson are always a good laugh, as are the South Africans at Barloworld. Basically it's cool to strike up a rapport with anyone English speaking. The Italians are a bunch of pedaling ego's mostly so it makes a chat a bit difficult. Actually, Gasparre from Colpack is a good bloke, possibly the scruffiest bike rider around, but cool all the more for it. I'm also still trying to find my mate Sean Sullivan (Barloworld) but he's avoiding racing in Italy like the plague, so I guess it'll have to wait.


IM:  At the moment, the Giro is well


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