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08/13/2013| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
Tom Danielson and Chris Horner Slipstream

Social Media and Grand Tours

Pro tips for social media and shorter stages.

to someone via Twitter. In fact this is an inexpensive method to send an SMS if you have a European cell number and the person you are attempting to contact is Stateside. No obscene roaming charges for you using this method! The caveat is that you must first follow them and they MUST FOLLOW YOU AS WELL. If they don’t follow you, or you’re not following them, there’s just going to be some awkward public twitter messages that they can’t respond because you’re not following and vice-versa. Remember this acronym – FFTDM (Follow First Then Direct Message).

3. You can quickly set-up a Twitter account, but you’ll have very few Followers, and it will make you seem desperate. While you might be desperate, there’s no reason to transmit that on the internet.

4. Hopefully you at least have a Facebook account. Do a quick search for that person’s name, “Friend” them, and send a message. You are also dependent on how strict your object of desire’s privacy settings are. Reporters are discovering that more and more young people are not as active as on Facebook as they use to be. In fact, the fifty-plus age category is the hot Facebook demographic. If the AARP age range is your jam, then you might strike gold on Facebook.

Thankfully the Facebook privacy settings are a complicated system of multiple dropdown menus and knowing what to check to increase security. If the person you’re reaching out to is a savvy user and concerned with privacy, you might be of out luck. However, if you’re lucky enough to send them a direct message, be casual and ask something like, “Hey, we’re not sure where the after-party is. Do you?” Casually drop how you, your team, your teammate, did well in the race. Someone on your team must have won something, even a third place in the BFE Town Sprint is worth something! At least you have the conversational ball rolling and (hopefully) some social skills to take it from there.

5. If social media fails, plug in any and all information about your subject into Google. You might have to scroll several pages deep before you hit pay dirt, but eventually you’ll find them. This is your last ditch effort before you hit up Craigslist “Missed Connections” section. “Our eyes met when you escorted me to the Porta Potty for drug testing. I know this is ‘not normal’ but I felt a connection and ’I’m positive’ I want to get to know you better. Here’s hoping our ‘glow times’ coincide.

Here in North America the USA Pro Challenge is next followed by the Tour of Alberta. While Tommy Danielson took the victory in Utah, the seven-stage race in his home state of Colorado is a different course.

The Tour of Utah is arguably called the toughest stage race in the USA. While USA Pro Challenge is in the Rockies, the climbs aren't as steep, but altitude will be a factor for the racers. Team RadioShack's Chris Horner, who was second on GC in Utah, is heading

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