The Skinny on Sugar

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12/23/2005| 0 comments
by Scott Dwyer

The Skinny on Sugar

We have all looked at a nutrition label to find out exactly how much sugar our mid-afternoon snack has.

sugars. This does not mean that we can replace our daily servings of broccoli with cupcakes. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense; their sugars arrive in our bodies together with water, fiber and, and many vitamins, bioflavonoids and minerals. It is the foods that have large amounts of refined sugars and very few nutrients that you should be cautious about. Refined sugar is delivered in a concentrated form to the body, almost completely devoid of nutrients.  


They key to eating the right sugars is knowing what your body needs and when it needs it. During exercise, foods that contain a combination of at least two of the aforementioned sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose, and maltodextrin) will quickly provide you with clean-burning energy. When snack time comes around, fruits and vegetable provide energy as well as the important nutrients your body needs. Refined sugars and nutrient-barren foods are fun and sometimes a tasty treat, but they shouldn?t make up a significant part of an active person?s nutrition program. Stick to the right sugars and you?ll have all the energy you need for a productive day and a great workout.



Scott Dwyer is a Resident Coach with Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. (CTS). He graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise; and competes in events ranging from sprint triathlons to expedition-length adventure races. To find out what CTS can do for you, please visit http://www.trainright.com.


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