Product Review: Inside the Postal Bus

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08/5/2005| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

Product Review: Inside the Postal Bus

Review of Michael Barry's popular book bringing you the action taking place inside the US Postal/Discovery team bus.

The team buses, like the mechanics? trucks, often get shuffled around between teams. When a team folds, another team will buy its bus or truck, or when a team upgrades their truck, a team with a smaller budget might buy the old truck. All the vehicles end up getting worked over during the season. They are cleaned and well cared for but they do rack up at least a few trips around
Europe throughout the season.



Besides the often amusing anecdotes and stories recalled by Barry, there are a number of short pieces written by George Hincapie, former US Postal team-mate Christian Vandevelde and, Barry?s wife, Dede Demet Barry, who raced to a well-deserved silver medal in the women?s time trial at last

year?s Olympic Games.


One thing many readers will love about this book is the easy bite-size chunks in which it has been written.  Whether Barry is relaying stories from the pre-season training camps, at home in Girona, time back racing in the USA or the rigours of the Vuelta a Espana, his fluid and easy to digest style of writing make this book a pleasure to read at any time of the day.


?Inside the Postal Bus: My ride with Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Cycling Team? proves to be a great read with interesting stories for even the most knowledgeable of fans.  The day-to-day lives of the elite riders on one of the worlds greatest cycling teams is brought directly to you through the eyes of one of their most consistent performers.  With the retirement of Lance, this book might just be one of your final opportunities to catch a final glimpse into the successful world that he and his teammates shared for so long.



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