Post-Peak Performance Plan

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09/14/2005| 0 comments
by Rick Babington - CTS Pro Coach

Post-Peak Performance Plan

Many riders struggle to prepare for a second major goal in the same year.

Standard Block pattern for many years see this as a new challenge. This may be due to the fact that once you complete the first ?hard? week of the block, the next two weeks are perceived as ?easier?, even though the relative volume and intensity are still high. Athletes have also reported feeling ?mentally rejuvenated and more motivated? simply because this plan is different!


The day-to-day specifics of your training plan are ultimately up to you, or your coach, to create; but I encourage you to consider incorporating either the Pyramid or Reverse Block idea to your daily training in order to reinvigorate your late-season training. If your goal event for the season is behind you or coming up soon, try something innovative with the rest of your season, take a chance, and above all?. Have Fun!  


Rick Babington is a Pro Coach with
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