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07/26/2004| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen
Orbea Orca in Euskaltel colors.
Orbea Orca in Euskaltel colors.

Orbea Orca Review

We've put Orbea?s top-of-the-line road bike to the test.

tester loved this bike so much that Roadcycling.com almost had to pay him overtime for his many hours on the road.



After five months of intensive testing, we have given the Orbea Orca our top rating. Whether you want a light and responsive bike for climbing, or a bike that?s comfortable, yet efficient on those long flatland rides, the Orbea Orca delivers in a fashionable package that is sure to make your friends jealous. The only downside is that the Orca frame isn?t offered in intermediate sizes and a smaller size with 650C wheels for use by the smallest riders. This is surprising because Orbea is known to focus on making road bikes that are well-suited for small climbers.


Give the Orbea Orca a try at your local dealer today. Be prepared to wait for a while for your new Orbea Orca to arrive, though. The bike is extremely popular and in great demand ? for a good reason!


For more info, visit:

Orbea Europe: http://www.orbea.com

: http://www.orbea-usa.com


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