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12/23/2002| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Orbea Bicycle Review

Review of the Orbea Starship frame

climbing.  When I stood up, there was a welcome, but slight, acceleration. Again, I seemed to be able to establish an immediate rhythm without a delay.


The best part of a hill is coming down the other side. I was concerned about the stability of the Orbea. I was not disappointed. I didn't feel as though the rear wheel was getting "light" while I was in a weight forward tuck. It easily held a straight line and steering adjustments didn't radically affect my balance even at a 40 mph decent.


As I mentioned earlier, my first sensation was like I was floating. This was on flat terrain. With the Velomax Circuit Comp Pro wheels , riding on the flats required minimal effort. This was a good time for some sprint action. Popping off the saddle in high gear generated an immediate response on the Orbea. It snapped hard and I thought my rear wheel wasn't going to settle down. I attribute the instant action to the light frame. With a little practice, I was able to better control my rear wheel hop and still maintain the crisp responsiveness from the frame.


After only a couple hundred miles on the Orbea, I fully understood the comments I heard from the women's pro team. They were right! To say I am happy with the Orbea is an understatement. It performs like my Ducati and rides like a Cadillac. I also appreciate Orbea as a company with deep roots in cycling. Who else offers a lifetime warranty on the frame? In addition, it was a pleasure to deal with Tony and others at Orbea USA who are genuine and knowledgeable people.  Now if I could only ride like Mayo or Etxebarria!


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