Mistakes made

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04/30/2013| 2 comments
by Neil Browne
Now a Tour de France winner, golden Olympian, and a knight, Wiggins is admitting his mistakes and setting the record straight - lining up in the 2013 Giro d’Italia Lloyd Images

Mistakes made

If you make a mistake, own it and move on.

and in the case of Armstrong and McQuaid - go away from the sport knowing this is the best move for everyone including yourself.

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Your comments
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Neil is at least as egotistical as the people he rights about. Every story he rights is either about how bad those people are that wouldn't give him the time of day, or about how he was right and all of his wrong doers should be sent to purgatory until they personal apologize to him.

Neil needs to take a long walk in the woods and find peace inside.

jackcav's picture

I feel we are all owed apologies from Verbruggen, McQuaid and the penultimate cruel, vindictive and inhumane liar Lance. By we I mean anyone who loves cycling, and personally those like myself who raced during the 90s as a clean athlete. I ended up later finding out I had been donating entry fees to cheaters who got pro contracts with teams such as Motorola. I went from being highly competitive to barely holding on in a matter of a few years. Sure I was hitting 30 but I had the miles doing high quality events. All of the above fostered the atmosphere of cheating, stole my entry fees and divieed them up. For that people like myself deserve an apology.