Levi Leipheimer Interview

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11/19/2004| 0 comments
by Tommy W. Murphy
Levi Leipheimer. Photo copyright Paul Sampara/Roadcycling.com.
Levi Leipheimer. Photo copyright Paul Sampara/Roadcycling.com.

Levi Leipheimer Interview

Levi recounts his Tour, the Olympics and looks ahead to 2005.

end of October so they can take time off until the end of November or even until December.


RC: Alright, it?s time for the ?Lightening Round?...


RC:  Do you shave or wax?

LL:  Shave

RC:  How many miles do you normally log in a year?

LL:  5 times as many as I put on my car.

RC:  Does
ride with you much?

and ride together as much as possible.

RC:  What?s your favorite thing to eat (and or drink) on the bike?

LL:  There are products out there I think are really great but I would get in trouble if I answered that right now J

RC:  You hear a lot about Lance Armstrong?s coach and other coaches out there. Do you have a coach?

LL:  I have worked with the trainer on Rabobank for the past 3 years. Dr Massimo Testa is helping me while I transition onto Gerolsteiner. He lives 1.5 hour from me and I consider him a valuable resource.

RC:  Do you sleep in an altitude tent/room as part of your training?

LL:  No

RC:  What did you dress up as for Halloween?

LL:  Didn?t make it that far this year.

RC:  Do you have any secret training tips you can share with us?

LL:  Train your strengths and do the training you love to do. Don?t force yourself to do things. It will not make you faster or happier.


Thanks for your time Levi. Happy Holidays!


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