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11/19/2004| 0 comments
by Tommy W. Murphy
Levi Leipheimer. Photo copyright Paul Sampara/Roadcycling.com.
Levi Leipheimer. Photo copyright Paul Sampara/Roadcycling.com.

Levi Leipheimer Interview

Levi recounts his Tour, the Olympics and looks ahead to 2005.

a very strong team in the time trials. I believe that the core group of guys going to the Tour can dedicate a few days in our different training camps to training for the TTT.


RC:  So how did Fillmore Hill treat you at
San Francisco
? That?s a tough climb. What kind of gearing did you use for the race?


San Francisco
was a great race and I really hope it can continue to grow and attract bigger and better fields. Personally, I wish Fillmore was longer so it would lend itself to the climbers more. I used a 39x27 for the race.


RC:  Any chance of seeing you race in the states again next year (
Philly, Georgia, the Tour of Texas)?


LL:  You never know, I would love to fly the Gerolsteiner and Specialized colors in the
next year.


RC:  This year has proven to be another controversial year for drugs. How do you feel about the testing and its validity?


LL:  We may never know if the tests are valid or not. That is a shame because I believe there are innocent athletes taken down with the guilty ones.


RC:  How often do you undergo testing?


LL:  I have undergone ?no-advanced-notice, out-of-competition? testing for the past 5 years. I have done on average 4 of these tests a year. They show up at my door and I am required to provide a sample. Then there is always the races when you win, lead, picked for random or at the beginning of all the Grand Tours. These test average out to about 6-10 times a year. So on average I am tested 10-14 times a year. Of course the better you ride the more you are tested.


RC:  Have you had the opportunity to talk to Tyler Hamilton about his situation and the troubles around Phonak?


LL:  I called
within a few days of the news breaking in the Tour of
. He was understandably busy and our conversation was brief. I asked him a little about the situation and he seemed very confident it would work out for him in the end. I know he is going through a very difficult time. He has the chance to really put this new blood test to ?the test?. I don?t believe
would take such a risk.


RC:  What are some of your plans for the off-season?


LL:  I have had a great off season so far. Doing the things I love; Mt biking with friends on all the best trails in NorCal, catching up with our friends who we don?t get to see for most of the year, and really just relaxing.


RC:  Have you begun your training and preparation for next year?


LL:  Yes, my last race was
San Francisco
so I had to start sooner rather than later. Some guys race until the


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