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10/20/2005| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

Paris-Tours (ProTour).

closing me in on the left side barriers. I saw a gap on the right, lost a little bit of speed as I changed direction, and kept going with all that I had left. I had started early and the length of my sprint was now taking its toll on me and I began to fade in the last few metres while the fresher riders accelerated and passed me. I held off for 7th position. Not a bad result but I had the form to do better - just no help from my team.

I had been feeling good in the sprint but things hadn?t gone super smooth. If I had have been together with one of my team mates, things possibly would?ve panned out a lot differently. I wouldn?t have had to fight for, or make my own, position in the final. With the great Pro Tour though many Team Directors are now more interested in Teams? Classement over anything else and as this was the focus for our team, we possibly sacrificed a podium place for it. With so many Pro Tour points available for the best teams in the race, more teams are satisfied with a higher rank in Teams Classement than actually getting on the podium. As an individual who needs a team to get results, it?s a little difficult to understand the direction that cycling is going at times.

Anyway, that?s that for another season?. Yet again I?ve had one of those seasons where we?re left wondering, ?What if??? And yet again I?ve come to the end of my season with stellar form yet no races left to spend it on?

Stay tuned?.I?ll write a season wrap-up once I?m firmly back on NZ soil?..


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