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08/28/2005| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary


be all over the show. A couple of riders off the front, a couple dropped, half with helmets and all of them looking like they have been going a little harder than normal. A Spanish team is always cruising by. With a lot of chatting and laughing but always in a tight group and mostly wearing arm and leg warmers even if the heat is punching in at the 30?s. The Dutch and Germans always look very serious, in good formation and with very little expression, riding at a solid tempo - helmets and all.

No matter where the race it?s always the same. To me it?s pretty typical of the general characters of the different countries. It?s an interesting little anthropology study.

Anyway, tomorrow the race starts so I better finish talking about my extra curricular social studies and get my mind on the job for what are going to be three hard but, I reckon, fun weeks. It?s nice to be doing the Vuelta - even more so than in the past as

really does feel like home having been here 6 years now. I feel comfortable and at ease racing here?.and that feels good.

Hasta luego,


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