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07/11/2004| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

Tour de France: Stage 5-7.

It was a little up and down the last 20km and this also made it hard. The problem now in these situations, is that without Petacchi and his team controlling the race, you never know what?s going to happen. No other sprinter had a team strong enough to control the finish. As a result, a few guys skipped away in the closing kms and took the stage just ahead of the peloton. I did my job in the lead-out and Thor was able to finish it off in the sprint.


Today, I wasn?t really feeling that good on the small climbs that we had in the end and I was suffering a little. I had to keep looking down to see if my back wheel was rubbing cause that was how it felt. The wheel rubbing wouldn?t have surprised me though as the Shimano wheels that we use are too soft and I have had them rubbing on the break pads before for no reason when I get out of the saddle. My climbing makes me a little worried about the mountain stages and whether I?ll be able to survive them. I did spend a far amount of energy this morning trying to get in the break and although I got in a couple, it was difficult to stay away doing 65km/hr. I certainly don?t feel like I?m climbing as well as I was at Tour of Swiss and with a few of the sprinters out already it?s going to be a less organized grupetto.


I hope that the feelings of today will pass and I?ll be able to find my rhythm and confidence on the climbs for next week. If I can?t then I?ll be in a spot of bother. Until then though, I will just keep on racin?. Tomorrow is the last day before the first rest day. I expect that it?ll all be on again as it?s the last of the flatter stages, although like today it?s a little undulating.


Just want to say thank you to all the people who?ve been writing to me. It?s awesome to read, especially when things are getting a little hard and I?m a bit down. I hope that I can have the chance at some point to get a stage victory for you all as I feel like I have the power for it? the problem will be getting the opportunity.




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