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05/24/2004| 0 comments
by Carole Dean

Julian Dean Diary

And on it goes...

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Hi guys.

Sorry it?s been a while since the last diary entry but we?ve been doing it pretty tough lately. Our days are taken up with Julz training on the wind trainer twice a day, 2 hrs at the gym almost every day, visits to the Osteopath, about 1 ? hrs travel time to and from the gym, stretching, massage?and periods of low morale followed swiftly by frustration. Up until a week ago, we also had the inconvenience of moving out of our rented house. This took place a few days after Julz?s accident so while I was moving boxes and furniture from one house to another, poor Julz could do nothing except follow me around with both arms in slings, feeling absolutely useless and therefore sorry for himself! It wasn?t a good time. Thankfully, though that part of our crap few weeks is over and now we just have to deal solely with Julz?s rehab. Now he has pretty good use of his left arm although he still can?t rotate either arm yet so that does limit his movements. I still have to do a few things for him, like putting on and taking off jerseys and t-shirts, turning door knobs, lifting heavy stuff, driving and pretty much any action that requires the arms to twist. So we?re still firmly attached at the hips!


His recovery has been pretty good really but because of the severity of the break to the right elbow, his doctor has emphasized the importance of not riding on the road until it?s been 3 wks since the accident. If something was to happen to cause Julz to rotate his arm, he could re-fracture the healing break and do irreparable damage that would have to have surgery. Not only that, the ligaments to the right elbow have been severely injured which need time to heal properly. So even though Julz can ride the bike on the trainer for 3 hrs without pain, the risk of re-injuring the arm by riding on the road is too great. Hence, the frustration and low morale he has to deal with on a daily basis. Times like this really do suck so whenever any of you sit back and think about how great and glamorous life as a pro-athlete must be?..think again. At times it just feels like nothing but a constant battle that seems to do it?s best to wear you down until you feel like the only sensible thing to do is to quit and go live a ?normal? life?.


I don?t know how Julz does it really?. I guess me being his outlet helps to share the load. I?m thankful for Jane Saville. She?s my outlet at times like this. She?s Matt White?s wife (Aussie rider from Cofidis) and lives close by. Of course for things unrelated to pro-cycling, Julz is my outlet, but when it comes to dramas like this where Julz is firmly concreted in the middle of it, and I?m having to be his outlet, Jane is the only


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