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05/10/2004| 0 comments
by Carole Dean

Julian Dean Diary

And so the road to recovery begins.

And So The Road To Recovery Begins... <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /?>

Hi all,

Carole here. You?ll have to put up with me for a while until Julz gets the use of at least one arm back.

First up, we just want to thank you guys for all your messages of support. They're great for our morale...

Just wanted to bring you all up to speed since the accident. Julz has broken the radius bone in both elbows although it looks as though there is ligament damage in his right elbow as well. It gives him way more pain and has very little mobility compared with the left. On Friday after he arrived back, we went straight to the hospital to see a specialist who did a few extra tests to check for ligament damage. We won?t find out the results of these until tomorrow. If there is severe damage, surgery may be on the cards although it?s way too soon to go booking out the operating theatre just yet. That would be the worst-case scenario and personally, Julz and I are eternal optimists during times like this! The best-case scenario is 2 -3 weeks off the bike if we?re only dealing with broken bones. In this case, he?ll still be able to ride on the bike-trainer within the next week or so?.all appendages crossed.


Anyway, since his arrival home, I?ve been his arms, which has been quite a new experience. I?m used to being the arms of wee ones, like my niece and nephew when they were babies, but it?s a whole new ball game when your husband is the ?armless? one. It makes you realize how much we take for granted the ability of those around you to do the little things in life for themselves, like putting on a seatbelt, or opening and closing doors, dressing and undressing, putting the fork or spoon to the mouth. I even have to hold the phone to his ear which requires training in itself, I reckon. Wasn?t too flash at it the first few times ?coz as my arm tired, the phone would migrate down his cheek which would make him bend his head forward to try and catch up to the phone. Looks kinda funny actually. Anyway, I?ve begun to master that art now - much to the benefit of Julian?s neck!

Mentally, Julz is pretty good really. Much to my relief and sanity. He knows that although this happened at such a crap time, and questions why he had to break both arms and not just one, it could?ve been a lot worse. It could?ve been a leg, or two, or worse - his head. He took quite a knock to his head and has a massive lump on his cheek as a souvenir. Thank buggery he had a helmet on. And you know what else? There?s still a lot of racing left in the season and although this has dampened his chances for making the Tour team, it?s not completely off the cards and even if it turns out that way, he still


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