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05/4/2004| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

Infamous Motel 25.

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Four Days of Dunkerque (It's actually five days but who's counting?)

Despite the fact that I've been on three different teams for this race during my career, I've always been at the same hotel. I think that it's gotta be the worst hotel of the season's racing - 'Motel 25'. I must say though that in the 4 times I've stayed here, it has had a lot of improvements. Nevertheless, it's still pretty bad.


Apart from the crap hotel though, all is good. I've done some very serious training leading up to this race and hope that I can make some results. I have the condition - I just need to get everything else right in the race. It's been a good couple of weeks back in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /?>
. Carole is here now so the 'dream team' is once again united and I'm pretty sure we are ready to do some damage. It has been great having her with me again; emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.


We have had a few 'issues' to deal with since her arrival, including an irate, stone-cold and emotionless land-lady who wants us out of her house NOW even though we've been there 6 years, have always paid the rent on time and have only asked her to fix the crap washing machine once (It took her 8 wks to do it and only after she came around to inspect it herself. Like she knew something about broken washing machines just by taking a 5 second glance at it!). And my near death experience out training when I almost got taken out by a car full of Lithuanians screaming down the national road close to our house, as it veered off the road, in between me and the car passing me at the time, and into the ditch at full speed, just a meter away from me. Somehow it managed to stay upright and no-one was hurt. Luckily I didn't see it all happening so it didn't shake me as much as it would have if I'd had eyes in the back of my head.


As for the landlady, I've been trying no end to find a new place to move to for the last two months since she asked us to leave, but to her it doesn't matter. We must get out, she told us, even if we have to stay at a hotel until we find something more permanent. Luckily for us, our neighbors, who are always there when we need them, stepped in to defend our rights as tenants. We are able to talk pretty freely in Spanish these days - especially Carole - but in situations of heated debate like this, it gets difficult. Anyway, it escalated to a full scale hand and finger waving, yelling match in our normally quiet street, between our landlady and our neighbors. We just watched on as both parties got more and more red in the face and the voices got louder. All I can say is that the landlady is


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