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04/15/2004| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary


the end of the section, I went to pedal and immediately noticed that my pedaling action was inhibited. I back pedaled and tried again, only this time the cranks went around for half a stroke and then were completely jammed either way. By this time we were off the cobbles so I was able to look down. I had been trying to pedal with a looped chain. I had forced it a little too much and the looped chain had gotten jammed in the rear derailleur before ripping it off. Normally this wouldn?t be a problem as you can immediately change bikes. The problem at this point in the race was that the field was spread out from a-hole to breakfast and the cars were a long, long way behind. After about 3 mins, the team car finally came around the corner and I took a new bike. I chased for 20 or so kms but it was a lost cause. I never came back to a group or the race. My race had come to an abrupt anticlimax.

So for another year, I haven?t finished Paris-Roubaix. At least I?m consistent! I?m not looking forward to next year when I have to say that I have done the race 5 times and never finished. Maybe I can go for the record of most starts without ever finishing. At least it?d give me something to be remembered for in pro-cycling?


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