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04/24/2003| 0 comments
by Julian Dean
Julian Dean. Sprinter - Team CSC
Julian Dean. Sprinter - Team CSC

Julian Dean Diary

Latest diary entry from Team CSC sprinter Julian Dean

landed in a pile of sandy dirt - but just from the anguish and sense of loss.  The loss of a chance that I really needed and one that I felt I could've made good use of.  I guess I had to be happy that I wasn't badly hurt but sometimes even that isn't much of a consolation.

I know this is just the life of bike racing and the race today, and in fact the entire Spring, has just been another reminder of how things don't always work out as you want them to.  I just have to keep battling on and hope that it turns around.  I'm sure it will.  It's just a matter of controling those factors I can and having the rest fall into place.  Now I want to concentrate on making the team for the Tour de France.

Bjarne has told me that it's a long shot that I'll be included in the team.  His focus is on Tyler Hamilton.  But I believe that I can show him I'm worth taking to the Tour as a help not only in the Team Time Trial - I'm good at the TTT from my track background and although I'm not the best Individual Time Trialer, I've always managed to pump out a good TTT - but also as a help in the other stages.  And there's also the possibility of being a stage winner if given the opportunity.

Anyway, I'm finally heading back to Spain tonight.  I haven't been home for more than 1 day in 7 wks so I'm hanging out to spend some time at home, relaxing and doing some quality training.

Take care and I'll see ya out there,

Julian Dean
Team CSC

Read more about what Julian gets up to in the peloton on his Web site at http://www.juliandean.co.nz/

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