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05/11/2003| 0 comments
by J?rgen Bo Petersen
Jørgen Bo Petersen - Team Fakta
Jørgen Bo Petersen - Team Fakta

Giro d'Italia Diary

J?rgen Bo Petersen (Team Fakta) reports from the Tour of Italy

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Finally we got started. Most of the first stage was nice and quiet. It wasn't until after the intergiro bonus sprint with 50 kilometers to go that the peloton started to pick up some speed and with 30 kilometers to go my teammate Frank H?j attacked. Unfortunately he was pulled back 10 kilometers before the finish. But he got to show that he is ready and in good shape. I'm sure he'll show himself at the front again before we reach


It turned out to be a mass sprint and my teammate Werner Riebenbauer placed 12. The rest of the team had no problems sitting in the peloton. My legs didn't feel so well the first 20-30 kilometers. It's probably due to not riding too much on the bike for the last couple of days. However later on I felt quite well.


Tomorrow is another flat stage but five kilometres before the finish there is a short 5% climb. It could suit teammate Kurt-Asle Arvesen and who knows, maybe I will try something myself.


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J?rgen Bo Petersen

Team Fakta

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