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03/18/2004| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen
George Hincapie with coach Chris Carmichael.
George Hincapie with coach Chris Carmichael.

George Hincapie Interview

Thomas Valentinsen talks to George Hincapie.

Thomas Valentinsen talks to Team US Postal Service rider George Hincapie about his expectations for this season, his past experiences, and hopes for the future.


First of all, congratulations on placing fifth overall in the Paris-Nice stage race last week.


You entered the race suffering from stomach problems and planned to use the race for training purposes. Tell us about how your goals evolved during the race. When did you realize that you would be able to go for the overall classification?

With 4 stages to go, I was in the final move with 6 CSC guys and Rebellin and Cooke. There I moved into 5th overall and then I thought: Even though I did not feel that great I could try and race for a good overall classification.

Compared to the same period last year you've performed very well early in the season. Have you done anything different in your training?

My training has pretty much been the same. I always train well. The only difference, I guess, would be is that this year we rode really hard in training camp. You can see that by the results of the team so far.



What kind of an impact do you think these good results so early in the season will have on your performance later on and has it caused you to modify any of your goals for the season?

I have always wanted to do well in a stage race like Paris-Nice, and felt like I could. This year I did it without any specific training for the race. I was just concentrating on doing well in the classics. I would like to try and go well in some of the stage races later on in the year as well. For now my main goals in the spring are Paris-Roubaix and


Lance Armstrong lives according to his motto "Make every obstacle an opportunity." In what way have you benefited from last year's illness as a rider?

Last year missing all of the spring races was very hard. When I came back I had a whole new passion and drive for the sport, and that was one of the biggest changes. You realize how much you love something when you are forced to be away from it.

You are set to take part in the spring classic Milano-San Remo on Saturday. What are your goals for this race?


We have a super in-form Van Heesvijk right now, so if we arrive together in the group at the finish, I will help him in the sprint for sure. MSR has never really been my race. My form is not quite 100 percent yet.

Besides yourself, who are your favorites for the race and why?

Bettini, Max, Vino, Rebellin, Petacchi, and Zabel. They are all riding really well now. And the course really suits them.


Max van Heesvijk has proven very strong this spring and he's expected to do well in Saturday's race. Tell us about how you've experienced his development as a rider.


I have


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