Four Steps for Boosting Your Late-Season Performance

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08/7/2004| 0 comments
by Chris Carmichael

Four Steps for Boosting Your Late-Season Performance

With a healthy dose of planning and attention to detail you can kickstart the second half of your season.

racers should aim for three SteadyState workouts during the week, each with three 10- to 15-minute intervals. Category 4-5 racers should do the same number of workouts, but reduce the load to three minute intervals. A Category 1-2 racer should be able to handle SteadyState workouts consisting of 15- to 20-minute intervals.


4.      Rest, then Ramp Up

When you perform this mid-season tune-up correctly, it should take less than a week of rest and active recovery to feel fresh and ready to ramp back up into Specialization Period Training. If you?re still tired and sluggish by Thursday or Friday of the following week, you may have applied too heavy a load, either through volume or intensity, during the tune-up weeks. Taking a little more time to recover is going to be better than getting antsy and pushing ahead too soon.


Once you?ve recovered from revisiting your aerobic conditioning, it?s time to get back into fast group rides, training races, and workouts that develop your power at lactate threshold and above. Now that you have a revitalized aerobic engine to support the training load ahead, you?re on your way to achieving your late season goals.


Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong?s personal coach, founder and President of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS), and author of ?The Ultimate Ride? and ? Chris Carmichael?s Food for Fitness ? (July 2004). To learn what CTS can do for you, visit



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