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01/29/2006| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen


Only 2 hats left! Order now to support!

NOTE: Only 2 hats left! Order now!


Last year we introduced our first type of caps ? they were sold at a fast pace ? and since then quite a few of you have emailed us asking when we would offer our caps again. Well?guess what? is now offering a brand new type of high-quality cycling caps to our readers. <?xml:namespace prefix = o /?>



The new Podium Hat is an excellent choice for cold winter or spring riding - or when spending hours on the indoor trainer. It even keeps you cool in the hot summer months. Podium Hats:

?          are the most comfortable cycling hats you?ll ever wear!

?          are 100% machine washable

?          are ultra light - less than <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /?>2.4 oz ( 68 g )

?          feature an AquaTrans terry band which keeps sweat off your face and out of your eyes.



Our hats are made of Aqua-Trans. Aqua-Trans rapidly wicks away moisture from your skin and transports it to the outside within seconds, leaving your skin dry and fresh even during active exercise. Podium Hats keep you cool and fresh in the summer while keeping you warm and comfortable in the winter.


Click on the buttons below to order a cap today while supplies last:


US residents: US$16 per cap (shipping included):


International orders: US$17 per cap (shipping included):

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