The fallout from the USADA report continues

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10/30/2012| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Team Sky Procycling's Dave Brailsford. Did someone say a Spanish Inquisition? Fotoreporter Sirotti

The fallout from the USADA report continues

Did someone say a Spanish Inquisition?

should have gotten those who admitted to doping to publicly acknowledge it and if they have shown to have changed their ways, continue with the team. Because let’s face it – any European-based rider over the age of 35 knew about doping up close or was part of it first-hand.

Now you might be asking yourself, so why should we be so heavy handed with Lance Armstrong? His Tour de France titles were stripped away and there’s discussion of taking his Olympic medal too. Armstrong has been beat on so badly that he has even stopped tweeting! You know it’s serious when that happens!

The difference is that Armstrong hasn’t admitted his guilt and chances are, never will. Also, he used threats, intimidation, and went out of his way to ruin people’s lives. The now disgraced rider didn’t just take EPO to beat or stay level with the competition, he wielded his power like a baton, smacking people down, not once, but numerous times so they couldn’t get up. Those who stood against him were slandered and accused of being crazy.

These others who used performance enhancing drugs during that era did so because they thought they had no choice. We all know they did in fact have a choice – but they chose poorly – thinking this was their solution to the ever increasing speeds of the pro peloton.

Brailsford needs to pull out of this public relations nosedive and allow those who admit to doping and have shown that it is truly in their past, to continue to work with the Sky team. If he doesn’t he runs the danger of driving the strides we’ve made in anti-doping further underground. It’s one thing to want a clean sport, but there’s no winner when an entire generation of cyclists get tossed on the scrap heap. Now is the time for reconciliation and to do what is correct for cycling now.


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I get the sense that Neil will be forgiving every rider, doctor or team director that has been connected with a doping past, as long as they were ones that previously gave Neil an interview or the time of day. Lance isn't one of those riders, Neil treats Lance like a bitterly divorced spouse.